8 quirky things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of my favorite cities in the world. And if you end up going, you’ll quickly see why. The metro is efficient, the city is clean and it truly never sleeps (move over, NYC) But the main thing you’ll probably realize, too, is that Tokyo is quintessentially quirky. You can see and do things you won’t ever be able to experience elsewhere in the world. So get out there and enjoy it!


Get Lost in Translation
Okay, well not exactly. In all fairness, you’ll probably be a little lost roaming around the city, anyway. But a place you should definitely make time to find is the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt, Tokyo – the location from one of my all-time favorite films, Lost in Translation by Sophia Coppola (starring Scarlet Johansson and Bill Murray). In fact, the entire film is a wonderful introduction to Tokyo, although take the dramatized cultural differences with a grain of salt.



Sample beauty products
If there’s one thing Japanese women know, it’s beauty products. They live, sleep and breathe for anything and everything cosmetic related. So try some – it’s fun! Then take selfies and scare your friends. P.S: also buy shirts with weird sayings. Mine, if you hadn’t noticed already, says “fucking dramatic”. Hehe.



Visit a cat café!
Disclaimer: this photo is not what it seems! While the cats appear to love me, really they’re just after the treats in the orange bowl – you’ve been warned! The treats cost extra (the cats won’t even look at you otherwise) so it’s sort of a scam. But all in all, a fun experience.




Experience a typhoon
If you’re feeling extra adventurous, visit Japan during typhoon season. I was lucky enough to experience a super typhoon! While there was no major damage in Tokyo, the Western media was ALL over it, meaning my mother was semi hysterical. But it made things really fun. The Japanese certainly weren’t sweating it. And yes, that lady is using a giant plunger as a pointer.



Visit a maid café
It’s a little strange and perhaps pedophile-esque, but you definitely need check out a maid café. (P.S: this photo was technically illegal as photos aren’t permitted inside)


Shibuya station intersection
Perhaps the world’s best example of organized chaos, when the lights turn red people start walking from all directions. Traffic completely stops and pedestrians take over. A must see!



Wander a 2-story sex shop
Pretty much everything you’ve vaguely heard about is here (E.g. flesh lights in to go cups) Those Japanese are efficient!















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