Parking Woes (YYT)

I’m not a super organized person. Xmas shopping in November? How very un-Allison.

So when I randomly felt a wave of Xmas shopping initiative wash over me on the way home from work, I went with it. I didn’t stop home to change, write lists or any of that stuff. Instead I drove my car to Water Street (because of my vow to shop only local this year) and slowed to a crawl trying to find a parking spot because god forbid an un-organized person would ever have any change.

I had full intentions on Xmas shopping, I really did. Then I remembered that new health food store that opened. Then I magically ended up in the store somehow. Then I was talking to the clerk about dairy free this and flax seed that. We laughed, talked and laughed some more. Before I knew it, I had purchased raw almond butter, aspartame free gum, a $5 colour bath and one of my favourite cereals (called Holy Crap). Holy crap, I was supposed to be shopping for other people!

Surely the meter hasn’t expired, I thought. Now, to do what I really came here for: to shop. So a quick look in the Downhome store followed by a book and DVD purchase, I feel slightly more accomplished.

And I don’t have to go any further, do I? You know what happens. You know that when I walk back to my car I feel a sense of relief at first glance, followed only by pangs of anger at yet another $25 parking ticket. You know that this is conveniently happening when all the traffic is coming out of Atlantic Place and we’re crawling up the Harbour Front. You know they’re doing construction in front of that gas station with no washroom across from the Delta, which also makes you pre-pay at the pumps at 6 am. You know all this.

Silly unorganized me. November Xmas shopping, you won.


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