Melting IceCaps? (YYT)

Let's Go
With one of the warmest years in Newfoundland’s history about to close, nobody can deny the change that’s occurring around us. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and the state of the world’s future is in question. And if you ask seasoned St. John’s Ice Cap fans, they would probably agree on a similar fate for their AHL team.

I was a patron at Wednesday night’s fifth straight loss, 4-0, against the Hershey Bears, which was also the second-longest consecutive game sellout streak in AHL history.

Dedicated Ice Cap fans filled the stands at Mile One Stadium, a venue that’s still buzzing from the acclaimed glory of last year’s opening season. But this year’s streak has been less than favourable. Tickets are becoming slightly easier to come by on Kijiji and Facebook and players and fans alike wish could they be cast on Big Bang Theory, enabling them to jump in Leonard’s time machine.

Before I continue, I must make a confession: I’m no hockey expert here. I’m as new an IceCap fan as one could possibly be. It’s just my luck that the first game I take in live at Mile One Centre was on the eve of the longest losing streak in the team’s history.
A not so winning ticket
As a female who has seen a live NHL game but still only gets moderately excited about hockey during the playoffs, I had lost most interest by the time the Bears hit 2-0. It turns out, trying to spot seal skin in a variety of forms was far more entertaining. A fellow sitting behind us had a seal skin bow-tie, to our left was a hat. I saw Danny adorning his signature jacket on the way in and a blonde girl in the washroom during intermission had particularly snazzy boots. I thought “damn, the St. Johns’ elite are out in full-force”. I realized after the fact that this isn’t a normal occurrence. It was a seal skin industry support initiative sponsored by Always In Vogue, who were giving away a free seal skin coat to the “Last Fan Standing”. It was a cute game, I must say. Having not worn an IceCaps jersey, however, I sat out at the first round of commands.

And Buddy the Puffin? My god, he’s good. Whenever yet another failed scoring attempt passed, my eye would focus on that soft, plush bird that allowed us to look at something half entertaining.

I’m sure the IceCaps will come around. I mean, even the best teams have off seasons. But seriously, how could we lose to a team that sounds like a delicious treat? I spent far too much time wondering what the two teams would taste like combined, perhaps with a few pieces of fresh mint for good measure?

Keep your stick on the ice, folks.


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